Monday, March 29, 2021

Welcome Final Cut Editorial

Excited to announce that Final Cut Editorial has joined our roster.  Offices in Los Angeles, New York and London.   

Friday, February 5, 2021

Super Bowl Sunday

 Good showing from our clients on the Super Bowl this coming Sunday:

E Trade/Director Randy Krallman
Huggies/Director Mark Molloy
Chipotle/Director Mark Molloy
Indeed/Director Miles Jay
Uber Eats/Director Guy Shelmerdine
Farm League -
Guiness/Director Chris Malloy
NewMath Music -
Music/sound on Uber Eats
Music/sound Oikos
Method Studio/Co3 -
VFX for Dexcomm
Color on Frito Lay
Color on Sam Adams
Color on Huggies
Color on Kia
Color on Indeed
Color on Squarespace
Color on Jimmy Johns
Color on E Trade
Color on Toyota
Cheers and be safe out there......