Monday, October 22, 2018


Here Be Dragons has rebranded and the new company is called Division 7.   You can check out their work here.   

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Good luck to Smuggler tonight - 14 shortlists at AICP NY:

Director Henry Alex Rubin:
PSA/Sandy Hook Promise
Viral Web/BK Bullying Jr.
Cause Markting/BK Bullying Jr.

Director Mark Molloy:
Direction/Tile "Lost Panda"
Animation/Tile "Lost Panda"
VFX/Tile "Lost Panda"
Original Music/Tile "Lost Panda
Cause/Toyota Join the team
Cinematography/Toyota Join the team

Director Ivan Zacharias:
Visual Style/E Trade Don't Get Mad
Production Design/E Trade Don't Get Mad
Soundtrack/Arrangement/E Trade Don't Get Mad

Director Miles Jay:
Music Video - Jay Z, Smile

Director Randy Krallman:
Ad Excellence Campaign/Geico Sloth, Captain, McGruff

Thursday, April 26, 2018

One Show Finalists

One Show Finalists -

Miles Jay/Smuggler - Jay Z Smile (Branded Entertainment)
Miles Jay/Smuggler - Jay Z Smile (Moving Image Craft)
Randy Krallman/Smuggler - Geico (Short form, branded)
Mark Molloy/Smuggler - Tile (Moving Image Craft)
Henry Alex Rubin/Smuggler - Sandy Hook (Long Form, Film)
Mark Molloy/Smuggler - Toyota (Moving Image Craft)

Congrats to everyone - winners announced May 9th.