Thursday, June 14, 2018


Good luck to Smuggler tonight - 14 shortlists at AICP NY:

Director Henry Alex Rubin:
PSA/Sandy Hook Promise
Viral Web/BK Bullying Jr.
Cause Markting/BK Bullying Jr.

Director Mark Molloy:
Direction/Tile "Lost Panda"
Animation/Tile "Lost Panda"
VFX/Tile "Lost Panda"
Original Music/Tile "Lost Panda
Cause/Toyota Join the team
Cinematography/Toyota Join the team

Director Ivan Zacharias:
Visual Style/E Trade Don't Get Mad
Production Design/E Trade Don't Get Mad
Soundtrack/Arrangement/E Trade Don't Get Mad

Director Miles Jay:
Music Video - Jay Z, Smile

Director Randy Krallman:
Ad Excellence Campaign/Geico Sloth, Captain, McGruff

Thursday, April 26, 2018

One Show Finalists

One Show Finalists -

Miles Jay/Smuggler - Jay Z Smile (Branded Entertainment)
Miles Jay/Smuggler - Jay Z Smile (Moving Image Craft)
Randy Krallman/Smuggler - Geico (Short form, branded)
Mark Molloy/Smuggler - Tile (Moving Image Craft)
Henry Alex Rubin/Smuggler - Sandy Hook (Long Form, Film)
Mark Molloy/Smuggler - Toyota (Moving Image Craft)

Congrats to everyone - winners announced May 9th.